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All back issues are sold out!

Issue 5 featured:

  • The No-Neck Blues Band's Dave Nuss recalls his time with The Source Family which led to the first Yahowa 13 performance in New York City and their new LP. As much about Dave's experiences throughout this and how it brought him into the Family, as about discovering the wealth of their archives and continuing energy.

  • An extensive interview with reformed Vancouver noise band Tunnel Canary by Allan MacInnis. Allan speaks not only to the leader of the group, Nathan Holiday, but also Tunnel Canary members past and present Mya Mayhem, Ebra Ziron, and Dave Sheftel about their intense performances, early influences, their specially altered instruments, life and musical philosophy, and the different reactions in the early 1980s and now, matched with photos from their recent live shows and one from the archives.

  • A remembrance of Noggin violin player Michael Griffen by his friend Aaron Gorseth.

  • A feature on the Belgian group Onde featuring former members of Noise-Maker's Fifes; supplemented by photographs taken on tour by Dan Burke of Illusion of Safety

  • A feature on the new label Assophon, home to The Sea Donkeys, Spider Trio and Factums with photographs by Mark Sullo.

  • Rob Millis, waxing on about the preciousness of shellac while discussing the drive to recycle that raw material in the war years and the price that artifacts from that time can command.

  • Eric Lanzillotta's reviews of vinyl, compacts discs, and books, both new and old by Bill Bissett, Bob Cobbing, Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh, Malcolm Goldstein, The Howling Hex, Dieter Schnebel, and "Radio Mynamar (Burma)".

  • Patrick Marley's column Nickels and Dimes focusing on American Tapes and Drunjus.

56 pages, 5.5" by 8.5", 20 lb. paper, b&w, approximately 800 copies printed


issue 5

Djin of Yahowa 13
photographed by Hatti Figge

Bixobal #4 featured:

  • Akio Suzuki's diary from the 2006 Resonant Spaces tour in the UK during June 2006 as translated and introduced by Alan Cummings.
  • The long promised debut of Davey Schmitt's film column Heel on Reels appears with the article Panic!: Anger and the Oedipal Complex in Fernando Arrabal's Cinema in which he argues these over the top films are better than those of Arrabal's long time friend and collaborator Alejandro Jodorowsky.
  • The Infinite Horizons of Stomu Yamash'ta by Gregor Meyer - a massive overview of the life and work of avant garde percussionist Stomu Yamash'ta, including his first English-language interview in over 30 years. A child prodigy, his meteoric rise in the Classical world spawned a new world of improvisation and Avant Classical in the late '60s and early '70s before melding Eastern concepts with Jazz Fusion via his more well known outfits Come to the Edge, East Wind, and Go. Includes never-before-revealed insight into collaborations with Toru Takemitsu, Takehisa Kosugi, Masahiko Sato, the Baschet brothers, and others. Years in the making, this exhaustive survey corrects misinformation and apocrypha carried down for decades, and opens a new window to Yamash'ta's current projects featuring instruments made from resonant stones. Includes an complete discography of his official releases.
  • An overview of Raymond Dijkstra's music by Eric Lanzillotta discussing his beautiful limited edition vinyl releases and the gorgeous sounds on them. Written with the cooperation and oversight of the artist, this article offers some new insight into his work.
  • Eric Lanzillotta's reviews of vinyl, compacts discs, and a book, both new and old by Amolvacy, Axa Hour of Dora Bleu, Brötzmann/Wilkinson Quartet, Children of the Sixth Root Race, Coffee, Michael Esposito & FM Einheit, Glass Farm Ensemble, Alexander Hawkins / Dominic Lash / Paul May / Alex Ward, [-hyph-], Dan Joseph, Ariel Kalma, Christina Kubisch, Alan Licht & Aki Onda, M.B. + E.D.A., Jérôme Peignot et Marc Dachy, Ptôse, Sandoz Lab Technicians, Sapat, Matt Shoemaker, Sun City Girls, The Ten Thousand Things, Roland Topor, toy.bizarre, Uw Hypotheekadvies, Valley of Ashes, Fred Van Hove, Timo van Luijk & Kris Vanderstraeten, and "Bollywood Steel Guitar".
  • Patrick Marley's column Nickels and Dimes discusses Orange, Raven, Joshua Burkett, Paul Metzger, Knife World, and Julie Mittens.

56 pages, 5.5" by 8.5", 20 lb. paper, b&w, approximately 750 copies printed


issue 4

Akio Suzuki at The Ring of Brodgar
photographed by Keiko Yoshida

Bixobal #3 featured:

  • Climax Golden Twin Rob Millis' column Talking Machine with a report back on 78 hunting in India
  • an incredibly fun discussion with Peter Stampfel, founding member of the Holy Modal Rounders, about Harry Smith, the Fugs, Santeria, amphetamines, god, coincidence, music and much more. conducted by Allan MacInnis, this 19 page feature includes an illustration by Peter's daughter Zoe, plus a supplemental 3 page interview with Antonia Stampfel
  • an interview with Gerd Kraus on the legendary Krautrock bands Limbus 3 and Limbus 4 and the heady times that they grew out of
  • Patrick Marley's Nickels and Dimes with discussion of Church Police, Dennis Duck, Neil Campbell and Blues Control
  • reviews of vinyl, books, compacts discs, DVDs, and a cassettes both new and old: Robert Ashley, Henri Chopin, Coach Fingers, Bob Cobbing, Loren Connors, Eric Cordier, Robert De Grimston, Father of the Flood, Henry Flynt, Tom Heasley & Toss Panos, Hisato Higuchi, Insect Factory, Jackwacker, Dan Koeppel, Annette Krebs, Christina Kubisch, Kuupuu, The League of Automatic Music Composers, Mecha/Orga, Tatsuya Mori, Tham Kar Mun / Yandsen / Yeoh Yin Pin, Organum, Itaru Oki, Pigeons, Colin Potter, Michael Prime, Sara Sackner, Conrad Schnitzler, Tom James Scott, Seven That Spells, D. Charles Speer & the Helix, Stimulus, Sun City Girls, Carter Thornton, Titmachine, Giancarlo Toniutti, Uton & Valerio Cosi, Vapour Theories, Michael Yonkers, "Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music 1930-1973", "Ethnic Minority Music of Southern Laos", "Shadow Music of Thailand", "Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980s"
  • classified ads

  • 56 pages, 5.5" by 8.5", 20 lb. paper, b&w, approximately 750 copies printed


issue 2

photograph of a record store in India by Rob Millis

Bixobal #2 featured:

  • Uncle Jim setting everyone straight on what words not use in record reviews
  • the second installment of Climax Golden Twin Rob Millis' column "Talking Machine" in which he talks about 78 rpm records
  • part two of former Sun City Girl Sir Richard Bishop's Indian travelogue from this summer
  • Keith NNCK's Charlie Nothing obituary
  • an interview with Robert Haigh of Sema, Fote and The Truth Club
  • an interview with Phil Minton by Canadian writer Allan MacInnis
  • Jesse Paul Miller on his habit of collecting "bad" records
  • former Muckraker publisher Patrick Marley talking about his latest listening in the column "Nickels and Dimes"
  • reviews of vinyl, cassettes, compacts discs, books and DVDs, both new and old: Angelblood, At Jennie Ritchie / Vertonen, The Beast, The Beautiful Schizophonic, Sir Richard Bishop, Adam Bohman, Karl Bösmann, Olivia Block, Carpet Floor, Christina Carter, Sylvain Chauveau, The Christian Family Underground, Climax Golden Twins, Comet III, Crappy Nightmareville, Dialing In, Morton Feldman, Kon Ichikawa, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Jason Kahn, Keijo, Mike Khoury & Will Soderberg, Goh Lee Kwang, MB | Hue | Fhievel, Joe McPhee, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Aaron Moore, Norbert Möslang, Mudboy, Brendan Murray & Seth Nehil, The Nihilist Spasm Band / John Chambers, Opitope, Gabriel Paiuk / Jason Kahn, The Pitchshifters, Christian Renou, Replicock, Ruth and Marvin Sackner, Sarin Smoke, Michael Shannon, Steven R. Smith, Sun City Girls, Supersilent, Tabata, Tarantism, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, Yoshi Wada, Walter & Sabrina, Trevor Watts & Jamie Harris, Zashiki Warashi, @c & Vitor Joaquim, "Danny Dark Records Audio & Video Taster", "The Great Koonaklaster Speaks: A John Fahey Celebration:, "Molam: Thai Country Groove from Isan Vol. 2", "Proibidão C.V", "The U.S. vs. John Lennon"
  • classified ads

56 pages, 5.5" by 8.5", 20 lb. paper, b&w, approximately 750 copies printed


issue 2

photograph of Uncle Jim by Mark Sullo (treated by Eric Lanzillotta)

Bixobal #1 featured:

  • the first installment of Climax Golden Twin Rob Millis' column "Talking Machine" in which he talks about 78 rpm records, Korean ones
  • an interview with Alan Sondheim, founder of ESP-Disk recording artists All-7-70 and now a solo performer with records out on Fire Museum and Qbico, plus a special review section covering his disography
  • book dealer and artist Dave Hornor gives us the run down on books by Tuli Kupferburg of The Fugs
  • an extensive interview with Dave Nuss of The No-Neck Blues Band by Canadian writer Allan MacInnis - possibly the first interview with NNCK in print
  • part one of former Sun City Girl Sir Richard Bishop's Indian travelogue from this summer
  • reviews of vinyl, cassettes, compacts discs and books, both new and old - Tetuzi Akiyama, Alvarius B., Sir Richard Bishop, Henry Brant, Andrew Chalk, Charalamides, Coleclough & Murmer, Joe Colley, Custom Floor, Herb Diamante, Bob Downes Open Music, Ferran Fages, Faust/NWW, Mike Hansen, Human Flesh, Monroe Golden, Ilios, irr.app.(ext.), Isolde, Lngtche, Marsen Jules, Agusti Martinez, Neung Phak, Pulga, Frederic Rzewski, Seishokki, Sonde, Sun City Girls, Supersilent, Tarkatak, Under Satan's Sun, Waldron / Stapleton / Sigmarsson / Haynes / Faulhaber, Yamauchi / Doneda, "I.D. Art #2", "Table for Six", Arman, Paul Burwell, Joseph Cirincione, dsh, Walter de Maria, Michael Isikoff and David Corn, Allan Kaprow, Aram Saroyan, Jan van der Marck, "The Berlin Scene 1972", Little Howlin' Wolf, and Silmaril

56 pages, 5.5" by 8.5", 20 lb. paper, b&w, approximately 750 copies printed


issue 1

photograph of Matt Heyner by Bryan Leitgeb

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