ri be Xibalba

Friends and further places to visit....



Aquarius Records

As Loud As Possible


Sir Richard Bishop

Black Dirt Records

BOC Sound Laboratories


 Carpet Floor

 Climax Golden Twins

  Scott Colburn

   Chris Crites

   Danny Dark Records


    Devout Dolls

    Digitalis Recordings

      Eclipse Records

      Ecstatic Yod

      Elsie and Jack Recordings

      The End of Being

      Entropy Stereo

      Etude Records

       Exiled Records

       Facets Video

       Family Vineyard

       50 Miles of Elbow Room

        Fire Museum Records

         Forest of Grey



           Hanson Records

           Tom Heasley

            Incus Records



             Annette Krebs

              Le Souffleur

              Listen Records & CDs

               Matchless Recordings

                Allan MacInnis

                Meeuw Muzak


                 Jesse Paul Miller

                 Mimaroglu Music Sales

                  Nihilist Spasm Band

                   Hermann Nitsch



                    Ouroboros Press

                      Paradigm Discs



                    Revue & Corrigée


                   The Sackner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry


                  Shame File Music



               Harry Smith Archives

             Sound @ One

             Peter Stampfel

            Sublime Frequencies

           Mark Sullo

          Sun City Girls

         Three Lobed Recordings

         Time-Lag Records

       Träd, Gräs och Stenar

      Katharina Tunicata

     Uzu Audio

     Vancouver New Music

    Volcanic Tongue

    Wall of Sound

    Weirdo Records

   Wholly Other

   Winds Measure Recordings

  Wizard Prison

  Yahowha 13


 Robert Zverina

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